What does the consumer want?
What are the retailer’s needs? Flowerstores actively contributes to the best and most successful solution.

Flower sales require exceptional expertise. It requires knowledge of not only flower products, but also includes; consumer behaviour, seasonal influences, distribution and presentation.

Flowerstores has all the required knowledge in-house. You can profit from this. Without trouble, without risk and with an attractive profit.


Product and price

Thanks to our know-how of sourcing, distribution and pricing, we are always working for an optimal profit on flowers with great value for money.


Which products are best for this time of year? Flowerstores leads the way to a successful assortment.


Depending on the expected sales, we make our decisions after close analyses. So we do not deliver over deliver or deliver too short.


The in heart of the flowering business we always search for the best possible quality for the best possible price.

Quality control

We check our products if they still satisfy our quality requirements on multiple occasions during the production process.


Transport and logistics of fresh goods require exceptional excellence. What we ship from the grower today, will be in your store tomorrow.


Attractively presented fresh flowers and plants. An asset for your stores, stimulating your sales.

Sales analysis

By measuring and analysing consumer behaviour, we are permanently optimising your assortment, turnover and profit.