Years of experience in sales and distribution.


Enrich your assortment without any trouble.


We take the risks,
we share the profits.

 To offer the customer more, without risks, without trouble.

Large retailers want to offer their customers beautiful and fresh flowers and plants. However, they might lack the expertise.

Thanks to the smart and innovative concept of Flowerstores, they do not need the expertise in-house. Flowerstores takes care for a smart assortment in your store.

On our risk and with an attractive profit for the retailer. We have all the experience and knowledge in house. Multiple retailers are already enjoying this.


What does the consumer want? What are the retailer’s needs? Flowerstores actively contributes to the best and most successful solution.

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About Flowerstores

Flowerstores is a young and dynamic company with lots of experience in both flower trade as well as in distribution.

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Do you also want an attractive offer of flowers and plants in your store? Without trouble, without risk and with an attractive profit? We love to you explain the possibilities to you in person.
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